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Integration in iframes or mobile apps (with app to app)

Our widgets can be integrated:

  • in full page
  • in iFrames
  • in webviews, in mobile applications

The parameter aspsp_callback_uri is important to improve the user journey (to come back into your service as soon as possible). This is especially important when you want to support app to app.

Widget based integration

aspsp_callback_uri is used to redirect to your service (Iframe or mobile application) after the bank's website redirection (between step 3 and 4). Using this parameter, the user is redirected to your service “earlier”: he comes back into your service, and your service displays our widgets again.

Without this parameter, the user does not come back into your service before the end of the process and the redirection to the redirect_url

After the widgets redirected to your service (using the aspsp_callback_uri), your service needs to reopen our widgets with the same session_id. Our widgets will this way be loaded with the right context.

At the end of the process, our widgets will redirect to the provided redirect_url. If no redirect_url is provided our widgets redirect to a default success page. You can detect this redirect to detect the end of the process.

Example of Iframe:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Note that our widgets always open bank webviews in a new tab, because bank webviews are configured to prevent them from being opened in Iframes.

App to app

When integrating our widgets in a mobile application, and depending on the bank and on the presence of the bank application on the user’s device, the user may follow an app-to-app flow.

Here is the detailed flow in this case:

Widget based integration