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Incident Management

In case of a major outage on the Production platform, Linxo connect notifies it’s partners via email and provides regular updates on the situation. Partners can also contact the dedicated Support Team in order to declare an incident.

You will find more informations regarding those processes here under :

Incident declaration and follow-up by Linxo connect

Major outage on the Linxo connect platform

As soon as an incident as been detected by the Linxo connect Support Team on the Production environment, partners are notified via a dedicated email detailling :

  • The type of incident (for instance a ‘Synchronisation’ issue)
  • The impact (for instance, impossibility for existing users to perform a synchronisation)
  • The ETA for the resolution (if available)

Once the incident has been resolved, another email is sent to all partners to confirm that the issue has been resolved, and that there is no more impact.

Outage on bank connectors

We also provide informations regarding the incident that are occuring on bank side. We do not send email as for major outages, but we list the incidents on our Help Center.

For every incident that has been detected on the bank side, our Support Team publishes an article in one of the 3 sections below :

One can subscribe to this type of messages by clicking on the ‘S’abonner’ button. This can be done on a category or on a specific article, and an email will be automatically received when a new article has been published, or if an article has been updated.

How can a partner declare an incident and make a follow-up ?

Create your Zendesk account

Every partner has access to our Zendesk solution. In order to create your access, use the dedicated form available here(for general messages).

Click on ‘Inscription’ and fill in your name and email address.

A confirmation will be sent to the registered email in order to verify the account. Do not hesitate to check in your spam folder if necessary.

Open a Zendesk ticket

In order to file a support request, our partners can use the dedicated form, available here.

In order to submit a request, you must specify :

  • Adresse email : the email address of the requester
  • Sujet : the subject of your request
  • Type : select ‘Support API’
  • Product : select the concerned product (in this case, select ‘AIS’)
  • Description : provide as much details as possible, Example of informations you can provide :
    • The API request (or the URL)
    • The user ID
    • The connection ID
    • The error message you are getting, if any
    • The workflow to reproduce the issue

Please be aware that the more details you provide, the faster your request can analyzed.

Note that you can also open ticket for to request some information regarding a product, or ask functional/technical questions.

Check the status of the tickets you have already opened

If you have opened a ticket to submit a support request, you have access to a dashboard that allows to check the status of this ticket. You can also check if the support Team provided an assistance by replying to your request.

In order to do so, simply login using your credentials (step : ‘Create your Zendesk account’) by clicking on the ‘Connexion’ button.

Once logged-in, click on your Name located at the top right-hand corner, and select ‘Mes Activités’.

Your support request will be accessible under the tab ‘Demandes’.